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Andy Suhartopo

Andy Suhartopo

Logistik / Supply Chain, Manajemen

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About Me

I am a person who has high integrity and has the power to think with good details, likes work that relies on calculations and logic, likes to created work plan, implementation and create work concepts, likes peace in work and seeks the best solution, likes work challenges, can be a leader in a team, adaptive person with new environment. I am a professional in the field of shipping and maritime; know the activities of loading and unloading bulk cargo excellently, has the ability to carry out various cost efficiency and work effectiveness, able to make better system changes, understands ship monitoring skills very well


PriaMenikahIslam08 Mei 1981 (40 Tahun)




Logistik / Supply Chain, Manajemen
IDR 35.000.000
IDR 31.000.000


1999 - 2003

Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Pelayaran

Sarjana (S1) Port and Shipping Management (IPK 3.21)


Desember 2006 - Januari 2012

Shipping Superintendent

PT Berau Coal

- Monitor & Manage operation of Tug & Barge movement from site to transshipment area. - Control & manage contractor performances including their Op ...

Februari 2012 - November 2012

Operation Manager

PT Caraka Tirta Perkasa

- Monitor and control all operation activities such as managing site office. - Control cash advance and realization for site operation. - Managing the vessel ...

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